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Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall

After a tough (can you tell from this picture ;) but exciting summer it’s time to get back to reality. For me this includes a long list of to-do, to buy, to eat (or rather to not eat) and well, the list goes on. Here’s a sampling:

To do:

  • work more - I have pretty much cruised through the summer and as a self employed person that equals no money!!
  • work out – for me and my ailing body I will have to settle for walking, cycling and gentle yoga
  • go back to school – yup I‘ve been busy trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up but I think I’ve figured it out! (more on that later but I am going for it!!) • get back to writing - A “list” entry is a bit of a cop-out but makes for an easy transition back into the world of blogging.

To buy:

Now, this may seem frivolous but I realized I’m wearing clothes I bought 8 years ago when I started my current job. Huh??? Time for new stuff!

  • Tan or dark brown leather boots (yummy!)
  • New leather purse (but how to choose just one?)
  • New jeans – jeans and a blazer are my part of my signature look so I always need new jeans • New pattern blazer (as above, signature looks require multiple versions of the key pieces)
  • A trench or rain coat – with a friggin hood! Can I tell you how difficult it is to find a rain coat with a hood (that’s not a plastic jacket from MEC). I hate umbrellas, so I want my rain jacket to have a hood to keep the rain off my hair, and more specifically off my flat-ironed bangs. If my pants get wet they’ll dry. If my bangs get wet they’ll dry poofy and ruin my day. Trust me, bangs are more work than you think.

Among a million other things…now you can see why I need to work more (see item #1 to-do above).

To eat:

This boils down to:

  • Eat better. For me I have discovered a gluten-and-dairy light diet keeps me from feeling bloated.
  • Drink more water. Not rocket science but still something to keep in check.

This is more than a simple list. I’m starting a new chapter in my life and this list is acting as the preface and is setting the tone for the next couple of years. Thanks for tuning back in!

Wearin' Your Shoes

I, as much as any gal, understand why we love high heels (Lord knows I miss mine!). They make our legs look longer and emphasize our calves and butt. Plus they’re like mini works of art each and every pair. My husband falls into the “I’ve got one black pair and one brown pair of shoes, I’m good” category of men. This I cannot wrap my head around. Sure, I have a pair of black boots. Flats. Which I wear constantly. But I need (and own) a very high heeled dressy pair. And a not-so-high heeled pair for more everyday work styles. Oh but I also need a low ankle pair to throw on with slacks/jeans for a more casual look….you get the idea. There is no ubiquitous “black boot” that works with every style or mood. (What? That’s legit!)

But what I don’t understand is when women buy heels that are so tall they cannot walk properly in them. If you think that teetering and stomping around like an America’s Next Top Model wannabe, is sexy, you’re wrong. This BTW is not an opinion, but a fact. You should be strutting your stuff not stabilizing it!

Here's what to do: leave those shoes to the professionals and get yourself some kickass heels that don’t, well, kick your ass when you’re wearing them. Do you think Carrie Bradshaw would ever let a pair of shoes – no matter how perfectly divine they may be – kick her ass? Not. A. Chance.  She knows that sexy shoes are only half the battle.  The other half is the woman walking the walk in said shoes.

You best be wearin’ your shoes not the other way ‘round.


The Liquid Courage Equation

 Sometimes I need a little liquid courage to _________________________. (Fill in the blank: attend a party alone, feel pretty, have difficult conversations …whatevs), but I’ve had to learn (2 times in fact) in the last few months that sometimes the dose can be a bit much and I get myself into hot water.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to like what you like and I’m allowed to disagree with you. But where that line gets blurry (yes blurry – don’t you remember this is about liquid courage) is finding the right amount courage – or is it confidence – to be able express my feelings and not expressing them like cold hearted bitch. I mean, do I need to use colour language (f*ck no)? Do I need to blurt out everything that just pops into my head without thinking about it (oh crap I forgot to wear deoderant today)? Probably not. This is where the liquid-courage part comes in – when there’s something I’m nervous about I find a drink relaxes me. This is not rocket science. But it also lets my guard down (also not rocket science otherwise no one would get lucky at a bar with a drunk person –am I right?). Here's the math:

Anxiety + booze x stressful situation – inhibitions = foot in mouth and hurt feelings / apology

I need to remember that difficult conversations are just that – difficult. Adding booze to the mix often leads to having to have a second difficult conversation – the apology. So instead of swallowing a shot of Zambucca, next time I’m going to swallow my anxiety and have a safe, sober, appropriate difficult conversation. And if I do the math on that, I know it will all add up to happier, healthier relationships (and less apologizing!).


Up the Amp!

May 6th? There is actually alot going on (which is great) but nothing that has been worth writing home about (so to speak...).  That changed the other day when I acquired this little gem! MAC's Up the Amp.  Bright. Purple.  Hawt.  I love it and have been rockin it every day so far.  In fact I am slothing around on the couch today and may well sport it to watch he DIY network all day.  I love it that much.  Enjoy!

Happy Easter

Do you get Friday and Monday off? We do – and by we I mean my hubs and me….not all Canadians. Well, I don’t really get it off I just take it off. I told you I have a cushy job! What are your plans? Mine strangely don’t include chocolate or dinner with family.   They do include caesars, Dexter (yes, I’m obsessed) and renos.

In an attempt to make our house feel more grown up we are tackling some small indoor projects (hanging art, purging, etc) and currently doing a mini reno on the basement. Today the carpet comes up (for 4 years we have lived with carpet that, quite frankly, mice and insects steer clear of). I’m a tad afraid of what we’ll find…I will also be tacking the office (this is a tidy up rather than a reno but feels just as good). If we ever get nicer weather here, we are taking on our front yard. But more on that later.

So no matter what your Easter plans are, have a happy, healthy one. And here’s a before picture of the basement for you – warning – it ain’t pretty…


I have the wonderful problem of having too much time on my hands. I work hard when I need to, but it ebbs and flows. Lately I’ve been trying to keep my work life in check and not work too much. Hey, I said it was a wonderful problem! But more than that, I’ve been looking for a bit of meaning in my life. I do have a cushy job and I quite like the lifestyle if affords me (and if you know me at all, you know I am not talking about money here), but I don’t get much satisfaction from it. I don’t really feel like I’m making a difference in the world and as I contemplate middle age, this is becoming important to me.

I recently attended an amazing event called Timeraiser and bid 55 hours of volunteer time to win a piece of art. Yesterday I visited one of the organizations in my city looking for volunteers and I walked out full of excitement about the opportunities available! It’s been a long time since something other than TV (sad but true) has gotten me excited. It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to work with (i.e., mentor) young girls (even though the thought of it scares me). I mean, what can I teach them? I still feel like a young girl myself - full of body image & confidence issues, not always eating & excursing the way I should, trying to fit in, having crushes on ridiculous young movie / rock stars and on and on it goes… But this opportunity has presented itself to me and I am going to jump in with both feet. Oh, even that makes me a bit nervous (seriously, my first thought was ‘OMG what if the kids don’t think I’m cool?’ See what I mean – major confidence issues!)

I am 100% aware that volunteering is as much for me as for them. But I’m not trying to round out my resume or get in with a company. I simply need something more, just as they do. I hope that’s a good reason to pursue this. It’s with great enthusiasm that I will be starting my 55 hours of time. I suspect I will end up doing more - at least I hope so. And I hope I find what I’m looking for, because there are only so many seasons Dexter left.

Principles - Showtime style

Definition: A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior.

I’m at a loss lately as to what my guiding life principles are and so I asked around. My husband, my sister, they all helped me sort out a few that I live by. But none of them were 100% concrete for me – ie feelings that dictate my behaviour all the time.

Enter Dexter…yes like a lot of those HBO/Showtime shows we are well behind the times. But I digress. Dexter lives and breathes by his code (ok, so he’s a serial killer but he never deviates from code). I won’t go into details of his code but it is set in stone (at least in season 1). This code – known as Harry’s code – was taught to Dexter by his adopted father, Harry. Now, I gotta respect this father who loves his son so unconditionally to the point of teaching and instilling in Dexter this code, this set of principles, to live by no matter what in order to keep him safe, alive and out of jail. Harry sees murderous tendencies in a very young Dexter and spends the rest of his life teaching Dexter how to use his urges for “good” (again, he is a serial killer but he only kills bad guys. The irony of this last sentence is not lost on me). Dexter listens, learns and subsequently, has a very clear set of principles to live by. Principles that help him sleep at night knowing that – according to Harry – he is living his life right. Dexter is rarely confused, doesn’t feel the need to do a lot of soul searching asking questions like “hey what are my true values? Are my actions in synch with how I feel? Nope. Dexter is at peace with himself. Mostly.  That is until season 2…

There are many, many interesting themes I could write about whilst enjoying Dexter (and I might – it’s dark and f*cked up!) But this theme of values and principles really resonates with me right now. It’s interesting that I’m envious of a mass murderer ‘cause he’s got principles. But I am (I’m also kinda jealous that Dexter must not be afraid of anything given that he is the psycho killer lurking in the dark. You think he’s afraid of being mugged or kidnapped? Nope. There must be a sense of freedom associated with having no fear).

As I try to define my principles I will look to Dexter to see if we share any principles or if he has a few I can borrow. I will be sure to interpret them appropriately.

Committed...I mean committment

I‘ve been failing miserably at my 1 entry per week over the last couple months. So I am re-committing myself to get back on that horse. I figure while I search for my guiding principles (which I will write about soon) I may as well set some SMART goals as I’m sure that will help me find my principles or at the very least make up some new ones.

Here are my top 3 SMART goals for the summer:

  1. walk home from work (7.3 Kms) at least 2x week
  2. write at least 1 blog entry per week (or 4 per month)
  3. Volunteer at least 1 hour per week at the youth centre


Easy? I’m not 100% convinced…Stay tuned.


An Early Bday Post for my Dear Husband

I just referred to my DH as “husband” and it felt kinda strange. I don’t know why as we’ve been married for almost 8 years. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I still don’t feel old enough or mature enough to be a married lady or maybe it’ s because I haven’t been wearing my wedding ring for last 3 months due to a bizarre reaction on my finger (hello 7 Year Itch…). Or maybe it’s simply because most people I talk to know him and therefore I call him Brandon.

But whatever the reason it gave me a giddy dose of girly-crush feelings and brought back memories of how excited I was to be marrying such a great man and how excited I was to be able to call him my husband for ever more.

Happy Birthday Dear Husband. I love you.\



It was only a matter of time

 I will never forget my first encounter with Madonna. It was one of those life defining, life-changing moments for me. I was late on the Madonna bandwagon (never heard of her until I saw her perform Like a Virgin on some awards show back in 1984). I was hooked. For life. And I have remained a loyal fan ever since.

Fast forward to a couple years ago and some relatively new gal on the scene named Lady Gaga performs the worst live act I have ever seen called Just Dance on the Miss America or Miss Universe pageant (why I was watching that show is beyond me) but I hated it! Hated her!! I didn’t like many of the songs that came after that one, either. But then, something strange happened. I heard her interviewed and she was really well spoken. She belted out a slow, haunting, piano – accompanied version of Poker Face that knocked my socks off. Then, she teamed with MAC along with iconic Cyndi Lauper to create a Viva Glam lipstick. I was quickly changing my tune. But she was still no match for Madonna for me.

Until now. With what I can only assume is a tribute to the material girl’s Express Yourself (see the gap –tooth shot of Lady Gaga in her latest vid called Born This Way), I have been won over. Not only is she a rebel, loves makeup, can sing, seems to not give a crap what you think of her and possibly fancies herself a bit a god, this song is good. I mean, it’s catchy and fun, the video is edgy and shocking and the lyrics are empowering. All the things Express Yourself was (and still is) and Born This Way is the reason I have to say "it was only a matter of time before I called myself a Lady Gaga fan" (or little monster as I believe she refers to “us”).

Although Lady Gaga will never be able to give me that sense of pure sense of wonderstruck-who’s-that-girl-I-need-to-be-her feeling that Madonna did on that fateful day at my grandma’s house in 1984, I hope Gaga is making moms around the world cringe as I’m sure mine did when I Madge was rolling around on a bed wearing her bra on the outside of her clothes (gasp!) and burning crosses and grabbing her crotch.

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